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Islamophobia in the K-12 Classroom: Understanding Context, Recognition, & Student Success Strategies

May 10th | 4:00pm - 5:30pm | Online

Fee: $5.00

This educator workshop offers an introduction to essential tools and insights needed to effectively address Islamophobia in K-12 classrooms. Participants will gain an understanding of the political, social, and cultural factors contributing to Islamophobia and its impact on students. Educators will learn strategies for fostering inclusive and culturally responsive learning environments that support the well-being and academic success of diverse student populations. By the end of the training, participants will emerge equipped with actionable strategies and resources to counter Islamophobia, promote empathy, and cultivate a more equitable educational experience for all students.

Instructor Bio:

This workshop will be led by Marwa Almusawi, the Director of the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Green River College. Marwa earned her Master’s of Education from the University of Washington, Tacoma. Her research interests encompass the politicization of representations of Muslim women. Marwa, who hails from Arab American roots, spent her formative years in Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Syria, and Auburn, WA. She is a proud graduate of the Auburn School District and previously served as President of the Multicultural Student Services Directors Council (MSSDC).


Teacher Clock Hours

To maintain their certification, educators are required by law to complete continuing education credits throughout their career. These credits are offered through “clock hours,” which are units of credit assigned to educators at a professional development or training event. Clock hour rules are available in Chapter 181-85 WAC(link is external). (1)

Green River and Highline College are both approved providers of clock hours. Clock hours MUST be requested PRIOR to the beginning of class.  Per OSPI, we are not allowed to issue clock hours after the class begins. 


Information on who to contact regarding clock hours is listed in the registration information for class.

(1) “Continuing Education Clock Hours.” Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, Accessed 17 May 2023.

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